How to edit captive portal’s Registration page by HTML?

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This FAQ has previously guided you how to change of a captive portal layout by editing the HTML and CSS code. If you need instructions on how to modify the Registration page (which is part of the Login page) of the captive portal using HTML, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • Navigate to Configuration > Access points > SSID advance settings > Captive portal advance setting > Self-registration
  • Here, you have two options to choose from:

“Allow user to create accounts with manual authorized”

“ Allow user to create account with auto authorized”

  • Next, proceed to Configuration > Access points > Captive portal customization
  • Select the user_login_html page and click on Edit. This will enable you to modify the registration page using HTML.

After completing these steps, when clients connect to the SSID, they will be presented with the registration page as configured.