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I bought the NR5101 for the samba ("USB service") because I want to be able to access an external device with my PCs - but unfortunately, it's seems pretty useless.

I only get speeds of approx. 900 to 200kb/s when connecting to a device via NR5101's samba server. Copying files to the mounted device is a pain and takes hours. (copying files from the server is faster with approx. 6MB/s).

I'm aware that the USB port is only 2.0, but that still shouldn't give speeds of 25 years ago.

I'm connected via CAT-8 ethernet cables (so this can't be the issue), but I tried WiFi transfers as well just to be sure - no change.

I've checked with different OS (Windows, Mac, Android), different media (USB flash drives and external hard discs) and different file systems (FAT, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS - the latter two of the four are not supported according to the manual, but there's no difference). All configuration work, but all give around the same speed.

So I don't believe it's a malconfiguration on the OS side. Probably it's a malconfigured SMB configuration on the NR5101 side, but I don't see any possibility to change anything here.

Anyone knows what's going on? What can I do to solve this?


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    In my experience Samba is usually slow writing several small files (even on a Windows server - according to Microsoft this is an expected behaviour because of protocol overhead etc), maybe you can compare with transferering one large file with a batch of smaller?

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    I only transfer files of approx. 500 MB to 2 GB to the server, so this should be large enough. It really happens already when just transfering one file. It takes approx 20 seconds until the transfer process even is accepted and then stays at the mentioned slow speeds immediately after the copy cache is filled (so after approx another 2 seconds).

    (By the way: I wouldn't say anything if it's around 10MB/s. After all, the Zyxel is not a real NAS. But these speeds just make it unusable. I realized the speed is better when I connect to the usb device via FTP (which is not a workaround, though, as the FTP server on the NR5101 doesn't allow larger uploads and throws out a quota error). So I don't think it is anything hardware related either. My current guess is, there's just a wrong samba server configuration on the device, but I have no idea how to fix it).

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