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Hi all,

I am new with Zyxel and new here in forum … Unfortunately I have a topic with disconnections from internet connection - from time to time. The only one think what helps is, to power off the PoE injector.

The NR7101 is in router mode, the PoE injector is the one out of the box, at-standard.

Does anyone have a hint, what I can do, please (I already changed the at-injector, no improvement) ?

Many thanks in advance !!!

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    Hi Coli,

    There could be a variety of reasons causing disconnection, what you tested was related to hardware, and proved not the case.

    Usually disconnections are software-related, you have to explain more in order to pinpoint the reason of the issue.

    You may start by observing the signal value on Cellular WAN Status page, especially RSRP, RSRQ. See if there's any signal fluctuation before the disconnection.

    Also, please enable syslog and check "Cellular".

    I would suggest to contact Zyxel support team for more help.



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