NWA1123-AC PRO together with NWA1123-ACv2


Hi guys,

I've had 2 NWA1123-ACv2 for a couple of years now and recently I added 2 NWA1123-AC PRO and linked them all together creating 4 AP's throughout the house (7000 sqft house)

After the installation, I've had nothing but trouble. Below you will find a couple of examples:

  1. We get disconnections on most devices. I can be on my phone in one room and all of a sudden I lose internet (please bare in mind that I dont lose signal bars on the phone, I simply lose signal) I have to disconnect wifi and connect wifi in order to get signal again.
  2. There is one NWA1123-AC PRO next to a room (within 15ft) this room does not get any signal which I dont understand
  3. When walking around the house, sometimes I need to reset the wifi on the phone because it wont connect

I really need some help here since Im losing it already. Any help will be appreciated and any questions you may have, please let me knoe and I'll make sure to provide any comments.


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