Zyxel LTE5398-M904 dfota module LTE from 12 to 8

I updated the LTE module of the LTE5398-M904 router to this version:


if I wanted to go back how do I download the file:


where do I find this file?

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  • Bob_C
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    Hi compact,

    Would you mind sharing the reason why you'd like to downgrade the module firmware?



  • compact
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    I would just like the possibility of being able to go back to version 8 if I detect any anomaly

    If you could provide me the file, I thank you in advance

  • compact
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    I'm sorry to note that my simple request to obtain the file was ignored by technical support.

  • I upgraded to EG18EAPAR01A08M4G-R01A12M4G and i had poor performance than previous version EG18EAPAR01A08M4G so i need also 08 file version to downgrade, because i can't found it on zyxel site. can you hel p me ?

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