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I get a new NAS326 - Firmware version V5.21(AAZF.15)
The list for "all Apps" is empty and I tried to update it, but nothing happen. Internet access is working, ping to google is working.
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the ping to doesn't work, also from my PC.

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    The solution is on page1
    "After a long search on forum and some try and try again I create the folder 'zy-pkgs'.
    \\NAS_IP\admin\zy-pkgs\           (NAS_IP -> ex:
    Then put a file named 'web_prefix' with '' text inside (that's a txt file but must not have that extension on the nas folder).
    Then all works on App Center and the ZyxelCloud is now working."

    You can give it a try.

    I think the server is not able to respond the reuqests, I cannot ping the server, too.
    You can check by using cmd to and type nslookup to see if your network could parse the domain.

  • HolidayMan72

    Thank you for your reply, I already tried this, but the app center is not updating.

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