[Mobile router] How to register device to Nebula?

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This guide explains the process of registering a Nebula Mobile Router with the Nebula Control Center (NCC) through the Nebula portal. Recommend using this method in case there are multi-sites in your organization. Go to License & Inventory page where you can add and view all Nebula devices currently operating under the organization. Devices can then be assigned or re-assigned to different Nebula sites created in the Nebula organization.

If your organization manages one site, another method will be particularly useful.

Note: * QR code, MAC address, and serial number from the device back or bottom’s label/ sticker.


Check if you use the correct device/ firmware version of your Nebula Mobile Router. Refer to this FAQ to know more about that.


Step 1. Adding devices to Organization-wide

Go to License & Inventory > Click Device tab > Click + Add button

Type the device MAC address and serial number > Click Next

Choose Yes to upgrade to the latest firmware or choose No to keep the device with the stable firmware > Click Finish

Step 2. Assigning devices to Nebula sites

Choose device > Click Action, then select Change site assignment

Select the site to add a device and click the Save button



** Mobile router exceeds the upper limit (1 per site).

***Repeat the same procedure for other sites.