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Hello, I have a Zyxel VMG8623-T50B modem and I have 4/5G connection to it. But I have problems with NAT. I always notice, that I have problems connecting to some services and some even say that my NAT type is set to strict and it can cause problem with connectivity. But I don't know how to change that in the modems dashboard. Everything I try it does not work, I don't see/find any option to change nat type and even if I try to open the ports, it does not work (it shows me, that ports are not even opened), I disabled UPnP and nothing. So I really need some help, even more, because my provider does not want to.

I'm connected with cable to the modem.

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    It's strange why you're connecting to a 4/5G connection if your provider uses ethernet cable to provide the internet service. I thought maybe you could try remove the 4/5G connection first and see if this problem is solved.

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