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Dear all

My NR5103 which is sold to non-business retail customers through various retail channels in Switzerland without any ISP connection unfortunately is not receiving any support from Zyxel as Zyxel support claimed this being an "ISP only" sold product (which is not the case in Switzerland, but anyway…).

As a consequence there is also no firmware updates.
In order to mitigate this, I was wondering if the FWA510 and NR5103 are 100% same hardware and if so, if I can upload the FWA510 hardware to the NR5103 without bricking it?

Any feedback is much appreciated :-).

Kind regards, J

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    hardwareThe hardware is exactly the same. I tried to upload and display an error.

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    Latest NR5103 firmware is V4.19(ABYC.3)C0 dated 5 Jan 2023

    Note, this is not firmware for NR5103e

    NR5103 Firmware Download

    Modifications in V4.19(ABYC.3)C0

    Known defects


    Feature Enhancement/Configuration Changing

    1. WAN backup for IPv6 only.

    2. Schedule Reboot feature

    Fixed Defects

    1. [Zyxel-SI-1433] Fixed specific unauthenticated buffer overflow, post authentication buffer

    overflow and command injection.

    2. The WSM20 WiFi agent cannot re-onboarding to CPE after FW upgraded.

    3. After updating the FW, the WiFi related settings need to be rom converted.

    4. Sometimes APN1 name swap to APN2 name, ccmni1 or ccmni2 cannot get WAN IP well.

    5. The 464XLAT is not working, PC connect to LAN1 port cannot surf internet.

    6. PC's WiFi MAC doesn’t list in the "allow" of MAC Restrict Mode, but it can surf internet.

    7. User account group can login non-GUI remote management service

    8. The system cannot boot up well after I backup and restore the configuration with changing

    APN name & WiFi passwords.

    9. A call trace may appear probabilistically after restoring the configuration file.

    10. When EasyMesh is inactive, the rai4 interface is displayed as being enabled.

    11. The EasyMesh's warning window is not fully displayed with the browser window size.

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