FWA 510 : some problems

Hello !

I recently bought a router FW510 and I have some problems with it :

  • connect my router to my Samsung TV with a LAN cable. It worked two times and that's all… Maybe I have to save manually ip settings : What ip gateway and DNS have I to write?
  • Mobile router is offline on Nebula App "power off or network issue". My firmware is the new one, Wifi is OK. Do you know why?
  • On Zyxel Air app, impossibility to do a speed test.
  • Impossibility to connect my professionnal computer (Wifi OK VPN KO).

Thanks a lot for your help !

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  • For connecting your router to your Samsung TV with a LAN cable, if you need to set the IP settings manually, you can try using the following information:

    IP Address: You can set this to a unique IP within your network range, for example,
    Gateway: This should be the IP address of your router, often something like
    DNS: You can use your router's IP address or a public DNS like or
    Regarding the Nebula App issue, if your mobile router is showing as offline, it could be due to a power or network problem. Ensure the router is powered on and no network issues are causing the disconnect.

    The Zyxel Air app speed test issue could be related to network settings or connectivity problems. You might want to check if the router is properly connected to the internet and if any firewall settings could be affecting the app's functionality.

    As for the problem with connecting your professional computer via VPN, there may be specific settings on the router or VPN client that need to be adjusted to allow for the connection.

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    Thank you Jacob for your help !

    Unfortunately, it does not work : setting manual IP Settings, Nebula App issue (Wifi is OK on my personal computer - Apple Macbook, and Iphone). Have you (or someone) some other ideas?

    Thanks !

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