How to configure SSID if Nebula site includes access point and security router?

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In case your Nebula site includes both access points and security router, the Broadcast AP option becomes available within the SSID settings interface. This option is crucial for determining which SSIDs are deployed across different devices within your network.

To access and configure this setting, navigate through the NCC, go to:

  • Site-wide > Configure > Access point > SSID settings or
  • Site-wide > Configure > Security router > SSID settings.
  • Access points must be correctly listed under the Broadcasting APs and have the appropriate Tags (group) assigned for the SSID profile to be applied.
  • If the Tag field is left empty, this indicates that all access points within the network will broadcast that SSID.
  • Security routers will broadcast the SSID according to the Broadcasting APs setup, they do not filter or differentiate based on Tag assigned to access points.

The following example illustrates how devices will broadcast specific SSIDs.

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