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Introducing the Expandable Menu

One of the most eagerly awaited improvements comes in response to changes made back in version 17.10, where the UI was updated to a more icon-centric design. While this streamlined look aimed to modernize the interface, it became apparent that users found it challenging to navigate without text descriptions. Acknowledging this feedback, version 17.30 introduces a pivotal enhancement: an expandable menu.

Located on the top left corner of the menu, a new button allows users to expand the entire menu screen, revealing text descriptions alongside the icons. This design, inspired by popular platforms like YouTube and Microsoft Outlook, combines the best of both worlds by offering a minimalist interface with the option to access detailed navigation cues. This trending design not only enhances usability but also ensures that Zyxel Networks stays at the forefront of UI design trends.

Remembering User Preferences

Understanding the importance of personalized experiences, the updated CC layout now remembers the user's last preferences. Should you expand the menu and log out, upon your return, you will find the menu just as you left it—expanded. This feature ensures a seamless experience for users, reducing the need for repeated adjustments and allowing for more efficient navigation through the interface.