WiFi Setup Update (17.30)

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Zyxel Networks is excited to announce a significant update to the SSID settings interface, applying to both access points and security routers. This redesign is a direct response to user feedback, aimed at simplifying the configuration process and improving the overall user experience. The following details outline the major changes in version 17.30, designed to make SSID management more intuitive and efficient.

Streamlined Navigation

Relocation of Wi-Fi SSID Settings

In an effort to streamline navigation and address common user feedback, Wi-Fi SSID settings have been relocated under the "Devices" section for both access points and security routers. Previously, users encountered difficulty locating these settings due to their placement outside the devices submenu. This update ensures that users can easily find and configure their Wi-Fi SSID settings by making them more accessible within the relevant device category.

Unified SSID Configuration for Access Points and Security Routers

To further enhance usability, the update introduces a unified approach to SSID configuration. Although the settings appear under two separate sections—access points and security routers—the configurations made in one section automatically synchronize with the other. This means that creating or modifying an SSID in either section will reflect across both device types, ensuring consistency and reducing the complexity of managing multiple SSIDs.

Advanced Mode Layout Adjustments

Redesigned SSID Profile Layout

The Advanced Mode layout for SSID profiles has undergone significant restructuring. Changes include the relocation of programmable SSID and guest network options, as well as a new approach to editing security options and SSID tagging. A notable enhancement is the introduction of an "Edit" button at the top corner of each SSID profile, streamlining access to advanced settings without navigating away from the profile page. This adjustment improves visibility and accessibility, making advanced configurations more straightforward.

SSID Availability and Naming in Advanced Settings

Another major change is the relocation of SSID availability options, including hidden SSID and SSID scheduling, to the Advanced SSID settings page. Additionally, the ability to rename SSIDs has been moved to this advanced settings area, centralizing more complex configurations and simplifying the standard mode interface.

User-Centric Design

These updates are grounded in Zyxel Networks' commitment to user-centric design, aiming to resolve common usability challenges identified by our users. By consolidating SSID settings and enhancing the layout for advanced configurations, we strive to provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

It's important to note that these changes apply exclusively to the Advanced Mode; the Standard Mode retains its current configuration process to ensure continuity for users not requiring advanced settings.