SSID Expansion/AP Grouping

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In the ever-evolving landscape of network management, Zyxel Networks is excited to announce significant enhancements to our SSID capabilities and the introduction of AP grouping. These developments are designed to cater to complex networking environments, such as hotels and shared office buildings, where the demand for multiple and unique SSIDs exceeds the standard limitations.

Understanding the Need for More SSIDs

Traditionally, the Nebula Control Center (NCC) permitted the creation of up to 8 unique SSID profiles. This limitation posed challenges for locations requiring a more extensive network configuration, such as establishments with numerous rooms or companies within a shared office space. To address this need, Zyxel introduced the programmable SSID feature, allowing for the creation of unique SSID names beyond the initial 8-profile cap. This innovation was particularly beneficial for hotels aiming to assign distinct SSIDs to each room, despite the NCC's restrictions.

Advancements with Firmware 17.30

With the release of firmware version 17.30, Zyxel has further expanded these capabilities, now supporting up to 24 SSID profiles. This enhancement allows administrators to strategically allocate these profiles across groups, catering to the diverse needs of various tenants or departments within a single site. However, it's crucial to note that while the site limit has increased, individual devices, specifically Zyxel APs, maintain a maximum support of 8 SSIDs. This requires thoughtful configuration to ensure optimal performance and compliance with device limitations.

Simplifying Network Management through AP Grouping

To facilitate the management of these expanded SSID profiles, Zyxel introduced the AP grouping feature. Accessible via the AP and court settings, this feature enables the creation of up to 24 SSIDs once enabled. AP grouping is considered an advanced setup, intended for users with specific needs for extensive SSID configurations. By grouping APs and assigning tags, administrators can efficiently manage multiple SSIDs, ensuring each device adheres to the 8-SSID limit and that configurations are streamlined across the network.