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Hi All,

Am new to this part of the forum and am looking to start offering my customers 5G Internet connections as am starting to see a swing towards Starlink where FTTP isn't available. Have traditionally used MikroTik equipment for 4G, but they have nothing to offer for external mounted 5G hardware so Zyxel could be my new best friend!.

There aren't a whole lot of 5G masts in my area (East Anglia - UK) and would like to understand the kind of range a device like a NR7101 mounted at roof level or pole mounted would have. The nearest mast to me is around 3 miles (5km)and broadcasts both EE & 3.

Can anyone share some experience and real world usage information?.



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    Hey, I use my NR7101 out to a mast 4KM away. I get anywhere between 200-400Mbps download and 100Mbps upload. Ping between 20-30ms. Obviously all depends on ISP load (some over subscribe big time) and the weather. I've used EE and Smarty (Three UK).

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Bit more info. I'm also currently using an NR5101 indoors as the NR7101 refused to power back up the other day, but, even the NR5101 indoors using the same mast 4KM away on EE is getting me 280Mbps download and 12Mbps upload. Not full strength signal. So I think your NR7101 external going 5KM should be fine. Fingers crossed.

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