Multy M1 - Wi-Fi printer (HP) vs. mesh

Hello Everyone,

I've got Multy M1 with mesh (router + satellite). I've got also a HP wi-fi printer. As it is mesh, I've got one wi-fi network available. When I'm in a room, where main router + printer are installed, I can print with no problems. When I go to another room and my phone/laptop connects with the satellite, I cannot print… I get info, that printer is in off-line status.

Have you got any idea what I do wrong?



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    Hi @Piotroszczak

    Please set a static channel 36 for 5GHz, and switch the security mode to WPA3r or WPA3-PSK Mix.
    If the issue still persists, please send us the feedback log on the Multy APP.

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