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Yes, it's an old model, but it works fine so I'm reluctant to bin a working unit. However, I would really like the Google Sync package, but it won't install from the admin. I guess Zyxel stopped making the software available. I can understand not issuing firmware updates, but why take these offline? Guess they want to force people to buy more hardware.

Is there somewhere else I can download these packages? If I don't download/install via the admin, how do I install it (if the download is available)?

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  • Mijzelf
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    ZyXEL have decided to pull the packages for the NSA series from their package server. I have backups here:

    To install them, install MetaRepository, and exchange the stock repository as described here.

    Having said that, I doubt the Google Sync package will still work. It hasn't been maintained for years, and cloud services are evolving fast.

  • IanShere

    Thanks, Mijzelf. I did see a post from, I think, November last year where someone was complaining about Google Sync not working. A Zyxel tech said, "they were working on it". Guess that's code, for, "Screw you buddy!!!"

    I accomplished what I needed with an auto backup program I used last night. It's called AutoVer - a brilliant program (and free!!). You set it to "watch" folders or files and every time it sees a change, it automatically backs the file or folder up. I've been using it for years. I needed backups of my websites copied to my NAS. The backup extension on the websites saves them to Google Drive, so I just set up a Google Drive folder on my computer and has AutoVer backup that folder to the NAS. Simple and worked perfectly.

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