Choosing the right Zyxel 5G Home Router?

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Hello Forum,

I'm about to purchase a Zyxel 5G Home Router, but I'm facing some issues in selecting the right model due to my (quite simple) home needs.

Thus, I don't do any Gaming here, but instead just listens to some Internet Radio and TV Shows via my ChromeCast A/V Devices + some WEB, FB & Mail Browsing.

I'm a Cisco CCNP, and wants to do some Routing, ACL and IP Configuring etc. on my new Zyxel 5G Router Device in question.

At the moment, I've these two Zyxel Router models:

NR5103E 5G Wifi6

and the:

FWA510 5G Wifi6


on my Radar - but I really doubts which one to choose between, among these to real nice Devices!?

However, I've a feeling that the latter FWA510 5G Wifi6 model perhaps is a little newer / more Premium stylish and ADVANCED at the market these days, compared to the NR5110 Router Series? - Or what do you think?

I also noticed (via Google), that the (newer) FWA510 5G Wifi6 model seems to exist on the market in two DIFFERENT WIFI Versions:

  • Dual Band or
  • Tri Band Radios (the latter including: 2,4G / 5G / 5G Radios (3) - at a little higher price?)

However, the Zyxel product ID's for the two Router models, seems to be exactly the same!?

How come? - Is this really true? - What is going on here?

So all in all - should I choose / prefer the (most current) Zyxel FWA510 5G Wifi6 Router Model OR the Zyxel NR5103e Router type due to my (a little limited) needs and Budget?

What could you recommend here?

Thank you so much in advance in any help you might be able to supply!!!

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    I can't find much info on the 5103E. It (along with the 5103 in the UK) seems to be a model specific to ISP (Service Providers). From what I can see, the FWA510 is probably the one to go for and more recent. I found the UK spec list here:

    It definitely isn't tri-band. But has plenty of good stuff. Looks to support WPA2+WPA3, 2.5Gb LAN ports, 4x4 MIMO, supports Nebula Cloud, external TS9 connectors, etc.

  • Nike2
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    Thank U so much for answering my Case here Noddy!

    Yes, I guess, U're Right about the facts, regarding the various ISP "NR" Versions for the actual Zyxel 5G Router Product Line in question - (BTW they also offers an NR5101 version for the Product, although about to be "obsolete" within the Zyx 5G Router Family Portfolio by today - Right!?

    So I think the Zyx FWA-510 5G Device must indeed be the right model 4 me! 👍 - It looks quite nice and at the same time VERY Flexible to do some more Advanced Configuration / Setup with!

    However, I've just noticed a VERY STRANGE THING when Browsing indeed the Actual Zyx 5G Device among our various Zyxel Dealers here i DK!

    OK, - You claims below, that it's DEFINITELY NOT a WIFI "TRI-Band" Router model / Type - (but just a "Dual-Band" ditto -

    U are possibly Right on that...

    However - It seems, that -several DANISH Dealers are still ALSO offering a special WIFI: "Tri-Band" version for the actual FWA-510 5G Product in question!!!???

    (I'm running a partially Meshed WIFI Infrastructure on my LAN Network here!)

    Thus - Kindly check the following two links out, and see yourself, what I'm talking about here:

    As U can se, they BOTH lists:

    WIFI "TRI-Band Support" for the actual 5G Router in question - Right!?

    But no special Product numbers etc. has been Provided / associated with the mentioned - Tri-Band version of the Product!?!

    Thus, I simply don't understand a word of all these confusing informations 4 the 5G Product, and I'm therefore sincerely hoping, that U perhaps would be able to somehow explain to me, "what is going on here", and what it's all about - all this "WIFI Bands Confusion" for the actual Zyxel FWA-510 5G Product in question, if ever possible 4 U - Right!?


    Sincerely Yours

    /Nick K

  • Noddy
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    That is so weird. Yeah they are saying tri-band. 🤔 I just checked a few UK listings too and they are the same! I'm trying to reach someone on the zyxel chat bot but… i'm getting no where fast lol. If it is tri-band then that is pretty awesome. Reminds me of my old mesh Asus XT12 units. Was nice to have the flexibility of a second 5Ghz band.

  • Noddy
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    Yet reading some online descriptions further I see this…

    The Nebula FWA510 offers speeds of up to 3.6 Gbps** on dual bands with the latest WiFi 6 (AX3600) standard.

    Confused much!

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  • Nike2
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    Thank U so much for answering again on my little issue here Noddy!

    Well, I'm pleased realizing, not being quite a "Dummy" in overlooking this issue! 🙂

    As mentioned - Since I'm running a Meshed WIFI Infrastructure at my LAN here, it would help a LOT having the extra 5GHz Radio for a High Speed P2P BackHaul Connection towards my (NetGear) WIFI Sattelite(s) here, You know...

    That's why, I'm asking so much for this (Quite modern / Powerful new WIFI Technology, you know.

    I've tried to get in touch with some tech skilled Zyxel Engineer at the Danish Zyx Office here but w/o any Success? (They ONLY do AFTER Sales Customer Support here!)

    Also Our Local Danish Zyx Dealers here - Dont know what I'm talking about? - They just think I want some kind of a seldom Bottle of Boozz, or somthing, an asks me to go to another Shop then 🙂

    So here I am, the lonely Cowboy - Seeking around for information regarding WTF, I'm about to Purchase!? 🙂

    So if U hear any GOOD NEWS in this regard, I would be MUCH HAPPY, to hear about it! 🙂

    Thanks Noddy! 👍

    /Nick 👍

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  • tonygibbs16
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    Hello @Nike2

    Maybe the Nebula version of the FW510 would be good for you.

    I have looked at the datasheet at and it does not say whether the WiFi has dual 5GHz or not. It does not support 6GHz WiFi.

    I do not know if the FW510 firewall will allow separate ACLs or not, but the datasheet says that it does stateful packet inspection and application layer firewall (see below screenshot).

    The Nebula FW510 seems to be in good support, with firmware updates, see for firmware and release notes. Latest firmware release was December 2023.

    There is also a user guide available at

    Kind regards,

    PS: I have Cisco CCNA R&S, but am working on and off on my CCNP by studying ENCOR. :-)

  • Nike2
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    Hello Tony!

    Thanks for your answer on my FWA510 Issue!

    Yes, I think there's several uncertain / weak Points as regards its tech specifications around.

    Although not dir. mentioning support for separate ACL's, they talk about "LAN IP Filtering" Support in U'r Post above - so I guess it'll (hopefully) suit my needs here.

    However it's quite uncertain, whether the device supports WIFI: "Dual-Band" or "Tri-Band" Comms ???

    I need the latter for my Meshed WIFI net here, but some Zyx dealers claims "DUAL-Band", while others states "TRI-Band" within their various Advertisements for the product around!?

    So It's simply a MESS figuring out - what is RIGHT and what is WRONG here!?

    It's apparently also impossible, to get some qualified help from an IRL Zyxel Engineer in this regard!?

    (Pls. see discussion above in this Post!)

    Anyway - I wish you well, at your ongoing CCNP R&S Cert!

    It's a quite powerful education where you really learn a LOT of Advanced / modern Switching and Routing Technologies by today, I think!

    So pls just HANG ON at you studies, and get the damm Cert.!!! 🙂👍

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