Enhancing MSP Operations with Backup & Restore Features

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Enhancing MSP Operations with Backup & Restore Features

Zyxel Networks is excited to introduce a significant advancement in network management for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with the latest update to our MSP pack: the Backup & Restore feature. This enhancement is tailored specifically for MSPs who require a streamlined and efficient method to manage, backup, and restore configurations across a multitude of devices, particularly focusing on security appliances.

Why MSPs Need Backup & Restore

The new Backup & Restore capability is a testament to our understanding of the challenges MSPs face when managing extensive networks. With possibly hundreds of devices under management, the ability to quickly and efficiently backup and restore configurations is not just a convenience—it's a necessity. This feature simplifies the process, allowing MSPs to manage configurations from a single pane of glass, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple menus for each device.

Key notes of MSP Backup & Restore

  • MSP Pack License Requirement: The Backup & Restore feature is part of the MSP pack, requiring an MSP pack license to access.
  • Scope of Nebula 17.30: Initially, the feature supports backup and restore functions for security appliance devices, including firewalls and security routers. It encompasses settings within the monitor page and configure settings.
  • Two Types of Backup & Restore: The feature integrates two backup and restore mechanisms—configuration management backup and restore, which stores cloud configurations, and a device-specific backup and restore live tool for local configurations. This dual approach ensures flexibility in managing both cloud and local device settings.

Implementation and Usage Benefit

  • Simplified Management: MSPs can view and access all devices they have administrative rights to, making it easier to manage backups and restores across the network.
  • Device and Configuration Support: The feature offersdetailed control over the backup and restore process, including local and cloud settings, for these critical security appliances.
  • Intuitive Backup and Restore Process: The process is designed to be intuitive, with MSPs able to easily select devices for backup or restore, manage backup slots, and even perform operations on device configurations directly from the MSP dashboard.

Technical Details

  • Cloud vs. Local Backups: MSPs can choose between cloud configuration backups, ideal for settings managed via the cloud, and local backups for device-specific settings. This choice provides versatility depending on the device management approach and requirements.
  • Device Replacement and Configuration Restoration: A key aspect of the Backup & Restore feature is its support for device replacement scenarios, allowing MSPs to backup configurations from one device and restore them to a replacement device, provided it is the same model and management type.

Future Enhancements

While the current update focuses on security appliances, future updates will aim to expand the Backup & Restore feature to include switches, APs, and site-wide settings, further enhancing the MSP's ability to manage extensive networks efficiently.


Zyxel Networks' introduction of the Backup & Restore feature within the MSP pack is a game-changer for MSPs, offering a powerful tool for managing complex networks with ease. By simplifying the backup and restore process, MSPs can ensure network configurations are efficiently managed, backed up, and restored, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to enhance our MSP offerings to meet the evolving needs of network management.