AP - No devices found and goes offline every 7 or 8 minutes

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Hi, my access point doesn't see any device connected to the wifi network... by the way, there is also another problem: from what I see from "Site-wide > Monitor > Access points > Event log" and "Site-wide > Devices > Access points > Access Point Studio" it seems that the access point goes offline every 7 or 8 minutes! It goes offline, then immediately comes back online 7 or 8 minutes and then it's offline again.
How can I solve these problems?

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    Hello @susymaniero

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    Are you able please to say what model number of Zyxel access point you have, and what firmware it is on?

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    Hi @susymaniero

    There could be several reasons causing your Nebula device to go offline. To help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue, please refer to this comprehensive troubleshooting guide:

    If the problem persists after following the guide, kindly provide us with the following details:

    1. Are your end devices experiencing internet disconnections when connected to a specific access point?
    2. Please enable Zyxel Support on Nebula CC, and provide us your org. and site name, so that we can initiate a more in-depth investigation into the problem.


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