What is U-APSD in SSID Advanced setting page?

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U-APSD stands for Unscheduled Automatic Power Save Delivery, a feature designed to extend the battery life of Wi-Fi devices. It is particularly beneficial for battery-powered Wi-Fi clients connected to networks, such as mobile phones, tablets, and certain IoT devices.

Here's how U-APSD works to conserve battery power: Normally, Wi-Fi devices alternate between active and power-saving states to manage their energy consumption. However, in the power-saving state, a device might miss incoming data packets, requiring it to wake up frequently to check for any data meant for it. U-APSD enhances this process by allowing the device to receive data more efficiently while it's power-saving.

When a device supports U-APSD, it communicates with the Nebula AP to receive all pending data packets in a single burst during its short active period. This minimizes the time the device needs to stay active, significantly reducing its power usage and thereby extending its battery life.

For users looking to take advantage of U-APSD, it is important to ensure both the Wi-Fi device and the access point support this feature. On the access point side, enabling U-APSD can usually be done through the device's network settings, ensuring an optimal balance between performance and power efficiency for connected devices.