How to configure ports P3 to P8 to the same LAN port ge3 on USG Flex 200H/HP models?

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By default, P1 and P2 are WAN ports, and P3 to P6 belong to the ge3 port, while P7 to P8 belong to the ge4 port. Users may wish to configure P3 to P8 ports to the same ge3 port. This FAQ will guide you on how to configure it.

Answer :

STEP1. Navigate to Object > Zone > To move the ge4 to Available.

STEP2. Navigate to Object >Address>To check "LAN2_SUBNET" and click "Remove".

STEP3. Navigate to Network > Interface >To check "ge4" and click "Remove".

STEP4. Navigate to Network > Interface >To check "ge3" and click "Edit" to edit the ge3 setting. Then add P7 and P8 to the Ports and apply the changes.

Once done, you can observe that P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, and P8 belong to the ge3 port.