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It's Possible this resoult?

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  • suisei
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    Is the NAS being utilized as a server? I suggest placing it behind a firewall/router for enhanced security. And do the test in the lab.

  • Mijzelf
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    It's Possible this resoult?

    It's not clear to me what you have done. The URL leads to an in-browser speed test, but your screenshot suggests a commandline action.

    I wouldn't know why 500Mbps should be a problem. When I remember well ZyXEL specified a disk access speed of ~70MB/sec over the network. That is around 700Mbps, and then the disks are in action as well.

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    Scusate se mi intrometto … Io ho installato un secondo disco di archiviazione pero non riesco ad accedervi per salvare dati …mi dice che il volume 1 sta utilizzando il 100%dello spazio , si prega di aprire lo storage manager espandere la capacità di archiviazione…. come si fa ?

    Grazie anticipatamente

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