Why Can't I Upgrade AP Firmware When There Is New Firmware Available on Nebula?

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DNS Issue: The most common reason for firmware upgrade issues is DNS resolution problems. If your device cannot resolve the domain firmware.nebula.zyxel.com, try using the command line nslookup in command line tool to check DNS resolution. It's recommended switching to Google's DNS server manage the APs to avoid DNS resolve issues.

Firewall Issue: Firewalls can prevent firmware upgrades by blocking the necessary ports for Nebula device management services. Check your firewall settings to ensure that traffic on Nebula's required ports is allowed.

Detailed port information can be found on the Zyxel Nebula firewall information page:


Firmware Availability Locked Status: If an AP's firmware availability shows a "Locked" status, this may be due to issues with past upgrades or specific site configurations. In such cases, contact Zyxel Nebula support for assistance in unlocking the firmware status.

Ensure a stable internet connection for downloading firmware updates.

If you encounter issues not resolved by the above steps, contact Zyxel Nebula support for more detailed guidance and support.