Thumb-up for transferring licenses

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  • Flexibility in license management: Administrators have the ability to reassign or redistribute their licenses through the license transfer feature.
  • License transferability: Licenses that have already been allocated to devices can be reassigned to another device within the same organization or across different organizations.
  • Restrictions on license types: It is important to note that only Add-on licenses are eligible for transfer.
  • Compatibility: The types of licenses supported vary by Zyxel product, meaning not all licenses can be transferred to any device. Incompatibility arises when the target device does not support the license type. Below are examples illustrating these restrictions:

For instance: The ATP series is incompatible with the regular Nebula Professional Pack licenses, prohibiting the transfer of Plus or Pro pack licenses to these models.

A UTM Security Pack license from a USG FLEX 100 model cannot be transferred to a USG FLEX 200, as these are distinct models with different licensing requirements.