How to address AP running in Limited mode due to insufficient PoE?

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An AP enters Limited mode (1-2 antennas may disable) when it is powered on by a PoE source that is incompatible or insufficient for its needs. For instance, if an AP's specifications require 30 watts but it only receives 15 watts due to incompatible hardware, the AP compensates by operating in Limited mode. This results in reduced performance.

2 solutions to overcome Limited mode:

  • Upgrade the Power Source: Replace the existing power sourcing equipment (PSE) with a compatible Zyxel product that meets the AP's power requirements.

  • Force Override: This option allows the AP to operate at full performance despite the limited power supply. You can activate Force Override by clicking the Edit icon on the AP’s power mode status in the device management interface. However, be aware that forcing the AP to run at full performance could lead to the device randomly going offline if its actual power consumption surpasses the maximum power delivery of the PSE. To access these settings, navigate through the interface as follows: Devices > Access points > Choose the AP

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