Introduction to Cross-Org Firmware Upgrades with Zyxel Networks

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Introduction to Cross-Org Firmware Upgrades with Zyxel Networks

In the constantly evolving world of networking technology, maintaining the firmware of devices across multiple organizations can be a daunting task for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Zyxel Networks, a leading provider of networking devices such as Access Points (APs), Switches, and Security Appliances, has introduced a solution to streamline this process: the Cross-Org Firmware Upgrade feature. This innovative feature, available in version 17.20, is designed to simplify firmware management across different organizations, leveraging the MSP pack license for enhanced convenience and efficiency.

The Evolution of Firmware Management at Zyxel Networks

Firmware management is a critical aspect of network device maintenance, ensuring that devices operate efficiently and securely. Zyxel Networks has progressively enhanced its firmware management capabilities, starting with site-wide firmware management, which allows for configuring firmware schedules for devices within a single site. With version 16.0, Zyxel introduced org-wide firmware management, enabling firmware updates across all devices within an organization. The latest advancement, cross-org firmware management, takes this a step further by facilitating firmware updates across multiple organizations.

Key Features of Cross-Org Firmware Upgrades

MSP Pack License Integration

The Cross-Org Firmware Upgrade feature is a part of the MSP pack, a special licensing package tailored for Managed Service Providers. This integration allows MSPs who own or have full administrative rights over multiple organizations to apply firmware schedules to all devices across these organizations. One significant advantage of the MSP pack is that it eliminates the need for the Nebula ProPack license at the org level, addressing the concerns of MSPs managing a large number of organizations.

Efficient Device Management

Understanding the potential challenges of managing a vast number of devices, the Cross-Org Firmware Upgrade feature includes a streamlined process for selecting devices for firmware updates. Devices will not appear in the list by default; instead, MSPs must input criteria and initiate a search to display the relevant devices. This approach ensures that the interface remains manageable, even when dealing with thousands of devices.

Simplified and Flexible Scheduling

The feature offers a bulk firmware upgrade wizard, allowing MSPs to easily schedule firmware updates for multiple devices simultaneously. By default, the target firmware version is set to the most stable version available, but MSPs have the option to select the latest version if preferred. Scheduling is made flexible, with upgrades set according to each site's local time zone, ensuring that updates occur at the most appropriate time for each location.

Practical Implications and Benefits

Cross-Org Firmware Upgrades represent a significant leap forward in firmware management, particularly for MSPs managing a large portfolio of organizations and devices. This feature not only simplifies the operational aspect of firmware updates but also enhances the security and performance of the managed devices. By automating and centralizing the firmware upgrade process, MSPs can ensure that all devices under their management are running the latest, most secure firmware versions, thereby reducing vulnerabilities and improving network reliability.


Zyxel Networks continues to innovate in the field of network device management, and the introduction of Cross-Org Firmware Upgrades is a testament to their commitment to meeting the needs of Managed Service Providers. By simplifying firmware management across multiple organizations, Zyxel empowers MSPs to provide better service to their clients, ensuring that network devices are always up-to-date and performing at their best. With this feature, Zyxel Networks reaffirms its position as a leader in the networking industry, providing tools and features that are both practical and forward-thinking.