Should I Keep the 2.4GHz Band Enabled for My SSIDs?

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In general, keeping the 2.4GHz band active on your wireless network is advisable for several compelling reasons:

  • Wider Coverage: The 2.4GHz frequency band offers broader coverage compared to the 5GHz band. This is particularly beneficial for areas on the edges of your network that 5GHz may not reach, ensuring these areas have a reliable Wi-Fi connection and avoiding Wi-Fi dead zones.

  • Compatibility with Older and IoT Devices: Many older devices and IoT devices only support the 2.4GHz band. Turning off this band could prevent these devices from connecting to your network, limiting their functionality.

  • Balanced Network Performance: In scenarios where high bandwidth throughput is not essential, the 2.4GHz band helps achieve a balance between radio frequencies. Using both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands can distribute the network load more evenly, optimizing performance and preventing congestion on a single frequency band.

Remember, the optimal setup for your network may vary depending on the types of devices connected, your specific environment, and coverage requirements.

These guidelines are meant to serve as a general recommendation to ensure a more stable and inclusive wireless networking experience.