Unresponsive DNS server. Multy on Bridge mode ?


I have a 4G Huawei router on which I connected with ethernet wires three multy devices in series in one direction and another multy that I connected to the first multy to serve me in a different direction from the others.

I use the same SSID. The problem is that I have multiple internet disconnections of my laptop or my smartphone to the internet. I m trying to connect again and i have the message "CONNECTED, SECURED, WITHOUT INTERNET". The Windows troubleshooter traces the problem to the unresponsive DNS server.

I am forced to turn the router on and off, many times 2 and 3 times until the internet is restored for few hours on my smartphone and on my computer.

I currently have my MULTY system in bridge mode but I don't know if this is wrong or if I should change it. Also I don't know what other settings I should choose.

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    Thanks for the feedback.
    When the issue occurs, please help by typing the command in the command line on Windows:

    And share with us the result of the BSSID.
    The command can display the BSSID of the Wi-Fi that the Windows connected to, and you can use the BSSID to check which Multy you are connected to.
    Please let us know which device the clients are connected to when the issue occurs.

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