Zxyel Nas542 cant get access from outside

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Hi guys, im trying to get my Nas542 on work. in network everything is working fine but i cant get it from internet adress.

I got few questions : In the System of the Nas there is (look screenshot) TCP/IP Configuration, does it need to be the same port number as the Cloud port has? (Look screenshot 2)

In the Cloud System it says Port 8000 but in the Nas System was configured with Port 80, do these have to be the same Port ?

If i press "on" at the cloud with he Http and Https, it says complete but when i start the "status" its again off. I can see it also in the Router, i configurate the router to allow all ports, i can see 9 connections and after a minute its again back to 7. I dont know whats the problem. Maybe u can help me.

I can connect with my Phone via app, also without wifi but i cant upload or something.

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