What does the "DCS Scan Get Fail" event log mean?

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When you encounter the "DCS Scan Get Fail" logs on your Zyxel AP, it often means that no SSID profile is configured for the corresponding channel, which results in the radio not being in service status, then prevents the Dynamic Channel Selection (DCS) from performing effectively.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Create an SSID profile with the corresponding band select that is reporting the error. (Radio1 means 2.4GHz, Radio2 means 5Ghz, and Radio3 means 6GHz)
  2. Wait until the configuration status changes to "Up to date" in Access points page.
  3. Navigate to Configure >> Access points >> Radio settings >> Scroll down the page to the AP table at the bottom >> Select the AP and click "DCS Now" button to perform the DCS scan.

Ensure that the device is placed in a location with minimal interference from other electronic devices or obstructions and observe the event logs to see if the DCS works as expected.