Problem connecting my PS5 to the internet

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I have zyxel ex5401-b1 , V5.17(ABYO.3)E1 and for the last few days the router stop working only for the Play Station 5 game console. I'm not able to connect to the internet using Wifi OR WLAN cable. for some reason it is come and go without any reason . All the other devices at home are successfully connected to the internet without any problem the only issue is with the PS5 console. In order to check that the problem is not related to the PS console, I had PS4 at home which was also unable to connect to the internet and another thing that i check , i set my mobile as hotspot without using the Wifi and I was able to connect the PS5 console to the internet, so i guess that the issue must be the zyxel router.

Please advice

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    I recommend that you try reset your device to factory settings. If PS5 still cannot connect to the internet, you may need to contact your ISP for assistance.

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