M1 Multy after restart no wifi, mesh is not working at all.faulty manufacturing? wast of money?!

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Iam trying to configure a simple mesh system at home. BUT backhaul perfect internet zero. Why??? The M1 Multy works only on cabel, it is a cabel mesh system. Even its working, but today after restart no wifi, i cant connect, is not finding the password. etc. The product has 100 bugs, is not usable. Lot of people has problem with this product, you have to callback it and replace it with mesh system which works. I tried 100 things to change to move, still waste of money. You told me somebody will contact me from my country, 2 weeks ago, still nobody called me. This is no support ,no service, no help.

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    Hi @webber1984

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    To clarify the contact process, we have some questions.
    I've sent you a private message, please check your inbox.

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