Why can't I add a device into the Nebula Cloud?

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If you're experiencing difficulty adding a device into the Nebula Cloud, there could be several reasons behind this issue. Here are some common factors to consider:

  1. Network Connectivity:
    Ensure that the device you're trying to add has a stable internet connection and can reach the Nebula Cloud servers. If the device is behind a firewall or has restricted internet access, it may not be able to communicate with the Nebula Cloud.
  2. Device has already registered by other account:
    In this case, you might have acquired the device from an e-commerce platform, and it could still be registered to another account. You can use the Nebula mobile app to scan the QR code and then move/register the device to your account.
    More information: I cannot register my new device because "This device already registered to another account."
  3. Nebula CC shows "Cannot find the device"
    In this scenario, please verify if your device supports Nebula Cloud mode and check for any typos while entering the device's MAC address and S/N (serial number).
    More information: NCC shows "Cannot find device" when registering my Nebula device.