NR2301 - 5G-Router - automatic APN config and SIM PIN storage

  1. APN set to automatic doesn't work with vodafone in Germany
    How to enable a proper automatic (!) APN-recognition?
  2. SIM-PIN: It seems, that it is not possible to save the SIM-PIN within the router. Either Enable PIN - each start requires manual PIN entry or
    Disable PIN - then the sim-card is fully "open" and can be used in a different device without restrictions.
    With other routers it is possible to save the SIM within the router (each start works directly, but using the SIM in a different only works with entering the PIN)
    Any idea how to save the sim within NR2301?

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    Hi @caravan ,

    Which fw version you are using currently?

    Do you mean you have to set up manuali APN when saying auto APN can not work?

    what credential you must enter to get the connection?

    The design logic is straightforward for PIN fuction, each bootup requires manual PIN entry (if PIN is enable)

    thank you.

  • caravan
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    Firmware V1.00(ACIY.3)C0
    APN: user/pass -blank-
    manual setup was required

    PIN: straightforward yes, but other solutions provide more opportunities (PIN required, when sim removed from device)

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