NR7101 loosing LAN connection


i got an big problem with 2 zyxel NR7101,

It allays loosing connection to the LAN networks after some hours, sometime days, randomly

It only can be resolved by reset to default and reenter all data, then it works for some time
the WAN connection of the router will still work, but it will not send any data to the LAN

Also the ARP table of the IP4 protocols are near empty

I got exactly 2 units with same problem

I have allready the newest firmware on it, from telekom

It have an DHCP server on Bridge 1 running and an Zyxel WAC6552D behind
the system runs before for years without problems

I also got an fixed IP from my provider now,

But i think its an Communication problem with the LAN

Und the WAC hotspot are only connected 5 arlo webcams

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  • Noddy
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    Any network switches in-between that could be causing issues or any old/damaged ethernet cables? Are you more than 100m away from the NR7101? How old are the NR7101 units as sometimes a failing PoE injector could cause weird issues.

  • Paul_Lamster
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    PoE injector was allready change and the WAC6552 connected direct on the NR7101
    Now i use an different LAN dhcp range, at its still online since 2 day, will see it works

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