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Hi All,

Zyxel released a new firmware (1.00(ABYD.3)C0) for NR7102 and according to the release notes SMS feature was added. Thanks to Zyxel for that!

Even though the upgrade on my device was successful, I do not see any option inside the menu for managing (send or view the received ones) SMS.

Is there anything I'm missing?

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  • mixy
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    Menu → Network Setting → Broadband → Celluar SMS

    In my case, show the new menu, but there is no data. Used Capacity: 18, but can not see any SMS ( Retrive Messages button also clicked)

  • alfista
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    Hi Mixy,

    Thanks for the reply! It is indeed there, but it does not work for me either. In my case, even if I send SMS to that phone number, or If I try to send form that number (Add New Message) nothing works.

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