License Status Wording Unification

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License Status Wording Unification

In Nebula 18.0, we are introducing a significant enhancement aimed at unifying the terminology used to describe license status across all our platforms. This unification will streamline the user experience, reducing confusion and ensuring consistency when managing licenses. Here's what you need to know about these changes:

Unified Terminology Across Platforms

Previously, users might have noticed discrepancies in the terms used to describe license statuses across different Zyxel platforms such as the Marketplace, Nebula Control Center (NCC), SecuReporter, and MyZyxel. In Nebula 18.00, we have standardized these terms to provide a consistent experience. The terms you will now see across all platforms include:

  • Add Date
  • Activation Date
  • Effective From
  • Expiration Date
  • Remaining Days
  • Expiring On

Key Differences and Usage

While the terms "Activation Date" and "Effective From" are now standardized, there are subtle differences based on the architecture of the devices:

  • Activation Date: This refers to the date when the license is activated.
  • Effective From: This indicates when the license becomes active and the countdown to expiration begins.

For example, on devices like the USG FLEX 100, the term "Effective From" is used, while on the USG FLEX 200, the term "Activation Date" is applied. Although these terms essentially refer to the same concept, their usage varies due to differences in device architecture.

Simplifying License Management

To help users navigate these changes, we have introduced an AI chatbot within the Nebula Control Center. This chatbot can assist with queries related to license terminology and management. For instance, you can ask, "What does 'Effective From' mean?" and the chatbot will respond with, "Effective From refers to the date when the license becomes active and starts counting down to expiration."


The unification of license status wording is a small but significant enhancement in Nebula 18.00. It ensures that all users, regardless of the platform they are using, have a consistent understanding of their license statuses. This change, along with the support of the AI chatbot, aims to simplify your experience and reduce any potential confusion.