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Hello, I need to perform a factory reset and I don't know how to accomplish this solution:

  1. Add a shared folder called downloadlink.
  2. Add read permissions to a user.
  3. Create a link from downloadlink to admin/download/Transmission/download/.

This setup worked for me for years, but now I don't know how to do it.

I have two problems with this:

  1. When I do this:
    / $ ln /i-data/bbbbb0c2/admin/download/Transmission/download/ /i-data/bbbbb0c2/downloadlink/
    ln: /i-data/bbbbb0c2/downloadlink/download: Operation not permitted
  2. When I try this:
    / $ ln -s /i-data/bbbbb0c2/admin/download/Transmission/download/ /i-data/bbbbb0c2/downloadlink/

It is partly working in SSH because it forwards me to /download/, but I need to open it to see files and folders in it, and I want to be forwarded directly into this folder and seen folders and files in it (I had it like this before the factory reset).

It is partly working because it doesn't work on FTP; it shows that it is a link but it doesn't forward into the folder at all :(

Any suggestions?

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  • okimarukas
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    You can check which users are currently logged into a NAS using the "who" command. However, if you encounter permission issues, it might be necessary to use an account with higher privileges, such as root.

  • Mijzelf
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    When I try this:
    / $ ln -s /i-data/bbbbb0c2/admin/download/Transmission/download/ /i-data/bbbbb0c2/downloadlink/

    If this can work will depend on the FTP client. It has to support symlinks. And even then, this cannot work, as the FTP client has to resolve '/i-data/bbbbb0c2/admin/download/Transmission/download/', and it cannot look beyond the artificial root below admin and downloadlink.

    So at least you should use a relative symlink:

    cd /i-data/bbbbb0c2/
    ln -s admin/download/Transmission/download/ downloadlink

  • ak_simoN
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    Yes, it is working:
    ln -s admin/download/Transmission/download/ downloadlink

    I had to remove the '/' after downloadlink path to redirect to the inside of the folder download.

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