Smart Mesh not working with EX5601-T1 and NWA50AX

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I have a modem/router from my ISP: the EX5601-T1. I bought an NWA50AX AP to create a mesh-like network. I've given the ASP the same network name and password and even put it on the same channel using Nebula (2.4ghz channel 9, 5ghz channel 48). But devices won't switch to the new AP or back to the router. e.g. I have a small device that measure my energy use literally next to the router, but it's connected tot he AP upstairs. Yet our laptops which are in the office upstairs are connected to the modem downstairs. The AP has a wired (CAT6) uplink but does run through a switch (TP-Link).

Smart Mesh is enabled in both the router as the AP.

Am I doing something wrong?

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    Hi @geertp

    Thank you for reaching out.

    The issue you're describing is related to the roaming behavior of the end devices. When devices move, they tend to connect to the stronger signal. The reason your end devices don't roam might be due to the signal overlap between the EX5601-T1 and NWA50AX, which is rather wide. It is recommended to have a 15-20% overlapped area. To enhance it, please follow this FAQ:

    Additionally, the EX5601-T1 and NWA50AX use different mesh technologies. The NWA50AX supports Smart Mesh via Nebula, but the EX5601-T1 does not. Therefore, enabling Smart Mesh on the NWA50AX in this situation is unnecessary.

    Let us know how it goes!

    Best Regards

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