NAS325-v2 running low on space


Hey there, I'm experiencing an interesting problem. I'm working with zipped files a lot. I copy them from different machines to a folder on the NAS, unzip then and then delete the zip-files. The files don't seem to be deleted but moved to a trash bin. I delete files but the space gets lower and lower. I also checked in the admin interface if the trash is enabled, but it is disabled everywhere. I also clicked to clear out all trash but it still didn't work. Where else can I look and what to click?

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  • brandon698sherrick

    First of all Check for Hidden Folders, files can be moved to hidden folders that are not immediately visible. then Connect to your NAS using an SSH client (like PuTTY).
    Navigate to the directory where the files are stored and check for hidden files or directories.Kynect

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