NR5103E IP Passthrough & Logging



First post here.

Unit is latest b15 firmware from Three.

Three absolutely no use in attempts to resolve issues. So… I've came here to see if any assistance available to the extent that may be possible.

Thanks in advance.

My NR5103E does not produce any log output.

The device is in IP Passthrough mode which is working as expected.

I have enabled the log setting for syslog as attached image NR5103E-LogSetting-20240612-01.jpg. No syslog traffic being sent to specified server address.

Additionally, the device page for configuration of system and security logs displays a warning dialogue per NR5103E-LogSetting-20240612-02.jpg as attached. When you click ok, it takes you to the device home page. Unable to get access to configure these at all.

Any views/opinions forthcoming on these issues would be much appreciated



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    • I have several questions about it
    • 1. What is the server on port 514?
    • 2. When the warning message jump out, does the device get online? Has you checked the internet connection?
    • 3. Which version of FW do you use?


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