Daily connection problems NR7101 Nebula


Hi together,

since about 2 weeks I have a phenomen that my NR7101 disconnects WAN nearly daily and it´s also not reachable via LAN in that case anymore. Solution for now is to restart the device.

Firmware: V1.16(ACCC.0)C0

LTE Module Version: RG502QEAAAR13A02M4G

My questions:

1.) How can I see all logs when device has been restartet. I already deployes a syslog server, but the entries are very rarely, e.g. yesterday before been disconnect no entry, after restart only this one:
NOTICE USER 11.06.2024 12:46:52 user.notice esmd: Interface: eth2, Status: Up, Speed: 1000, DuplexMode: Full

2.) does anybody have suggestions for me what could cause this phenomen?

Thanks and best regards,


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