Where can I configure WPA as SSID security on Nebula?

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Starting the process of establishing a WiFi network in Nebula begins with step: configuring an SSID. The SSID represents the network that is actively being transmitted. This guide assists you in configuring an SSID for your Nebula devices, complete with the basic settings. 

Go to Site-wide -> Configure -> WiFi SSID settings
  • Click "Add SSID network" to add a new SSID or change the settings of an existing SSID
  • Set up a "Name" and "Enable" the SSID
  • Click "Save"

  • The next step is to configure the authentication settings (i.e. setting the WPA2 pre-shared key or leaving the security open)
Go to Site-wide -> Configure -> Access points -> SSID advanced settings
  • Select the SSID you are interested in from the list
  • Set up the required security level and set the password
  • Click "Save" and make sure you save all your changes
  • The SSID should be visible now and ready to accept your client’s connection requests!