NR5101 - Loss of internet at same time every night



At around 00.05 hours UK time every night, the internet drops, resulting in any active devices at the time losing connection. It is noticeable when using the PC or watching streaming TV. Both devices are connected to a Netgear switch connected to the NR5101 over LAN. I don't seem to have any issues at any other time. The NR5101 is connected to the internet via Talkmobile LTE. This has been happening now for many months.

I have tried to figure out what the problem is, but I'm stuck. I'd be grateful for any suggestions to solve this recurring issue.

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    Have you tried you ask Talkmobile LTE about this ?

    Sometimes ISP will reallocate IP at a specific time of the day which will cause disconnection.

    When the disconnection happen, will it be back shortly?

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