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I am located in France. I have a Orange 5G SIM Card (from the offer Orange box 5G .

In home I use an ASUS router TUF Gaming AX6000 to manage Wifi / NAT / DHCP for my devices.

I just bought a FWA710 to replace the indoor 5G router, which works well but I'd like to improve the connection speed.

First of all, I could not register my devidce with Nebula : the status is “Power off or network issue”.

Then, I tried several configurations to access Internet with the FWA710 but it failed. Ideally, a bridge configuration ou IP passthrough would be fine but I could not make it work, althought I tried both static and dynamic configurations. I also tried router mode by connecting my PC to the FWA710 without NAT router.

I used the web configurator on and everything looks fine (connectivity, system info, cellular info...), the router recognize Orange 5G network... But no internet connection.

I guess I miss something but after a lot of research I can't figure out what. Can you please help me ?

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    Please note, that built-in Access Point is just for configuration purposes. It doesn't pass the traffic from/to the WAN/Cellular interface. Have you tried to use diagnostics tools under Burger Menu > Maintenance > Diagnostics. Have you tried to change the LAN IP address of FWA710 or ASUS router? Are they using different addresses or maybe are overlaping?

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    I finally found the reason of the problem.

    It seems that Orange locked the SIM to work only in the router they provide (Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 2). Check out this link (french)
    I tried to use the SIM in my phone and it does not work eather.

    I wonder how the device locking works. Please note that the Orange SIM cards won't work with Zyxel or any other router.

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