[NEBULA] Do the Nebula web fully support mobile device?

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Your nebula control website looks good. Can it fully support mobile device?
If I want to manage or monitor the status, can I use my mobile phone or tablet?
The mobile App looks like it supports light monitor only? Will it support configuration function in the future?
It would be more convenient if I can use mobile app to do the configuration.

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    Hi Chacha

    Good to see you again. Nebula Control Website fully supports Responsive Web Design (RWD) which means you can use your
    portable devices (Tablet and smartphone) to operate and monitor the status. Since the screen size on mobile phones is too small to monitor/configure, we highly encourage mobile users to use Nebula Mobile Apps instead. Our Nebula Mobile Apps currently supports lite functions such as monitoring/ QR code scanner and mounted devices by uploading captured device photo, you can refer to
    FAQ > Getting Started > What is Nebula Mobile Apps and How to use it on mobile devices ? for more detailed information.
    As for the advanced function of configuration setting on Nebula Apps, it is still under discussion (No ETA). Therefore, please stay tuned for the next update :)

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