Why Android devices don't display Captive Network Assistant (CNA)?

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When the strict policy is set to 'Allow HTTPS traffic without sign-on', the captive portal does not show up automatically because Android devices will use some HTTPS pages to test connectivity when detecting captive portals in wireless networks. As the HTTPS traffic is allowed, the captive portal landing page pop-up (CNA) will not be displayed.

So, we suggest setting the captive portal’s strict policy to 'Block all access until sign-on' allowing the captive portal page to pop-up when clients connect to the SSID.

After enabling the captive portal, please DO NOT disable the walled garden.
The clients can't do captive portal by external authentication or self registration after disabling the walled garden.
While Walled Garden is enabled, click the sign-in notification to directly access the captive portal landing page.