[NEBULA] Why NSG/NSW client online status is different

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Hi There,
I am aware that client status is different between NSG and NSW on NCC. For example, while some of NSG clients are offline, NSW clients still reveal online. What's the mechanism that NSG determines whether DHCP client is online/offline ? What cause NSG/NSW different online/offline status for their clients?


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    Hi BackZero

    It's great to see you again :) Let me explain and answer your questions. NSG uses arp table to check DHCP clients online/offline status. If the DCHP clients disconnect to the Internet , NSG will take 1-2 mins to update arp table. As for clients showing different online/offline status between NSG and NSW, it is because response time between them is close but slightly different (NSG/NSW is around 5mins) plus NCC has 10 mins polling period. Therefore, NCC may not update NSG/NSW client status simultaneously but the online/offline status should be consistent after time delay.

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