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Hi all,
Does anyone know what is the default IP of NSW? I was trying of configuring my IP to a static one before connecting it to the internet but I gave up. It confuses me because typically it should be but this one is not working.
any ideas?



  • BackZero
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    Hi WaYne
    I think there is no default static IP since NSW is DHCP client by default. Probably you need to connect the device to Internet to get the DHCP IP first. You can refer to more info in NSW series user manual page 25
  • Iwannaquitthegym
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    BackZero said:

    NSW is DHCP client by default.

    Isn't NAP DCHP client by default as well? and still has an alternative IP address...
    BackZero said:

    Probably you need to connect the device to Internet to get the DHCP IP first.

    How will you connect to internet if you don't have an IP? :trollface:

    @WaYne as far as I know, the NSW doesn't have a default IP address, dunno why tho....
  • Zyxel_CSO
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    Hi All
    NSW has no default IP at the moment. In order to address the inconvenience, we will enhance the function with the default IP in the coming future. Please stay tuned for more details.
  • Zyxel_Albert
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    Hi all.
    To solve this problem I recommend you a zyxel convenience tool, ZON utility. ZON can help you easily setup a static IP. You can download it on ZyXEL official website. https://www.zyxel.com/tw/zh/products_services/zon_utility.shtml?t=p

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